Dylan Carmichael (From 2016) – Head Coach

Dylan’s sweet nature lulls you into thinking he’ll go easy on you right up until he hits you with a 1km warmup. Dylan found his passion for swimming later in life and well remembers those early days where every 50 was an achievement. And he’ll push you to get every lap you can so you feel that sense of achievement and improvement (and exhaustion!) too!

Ken Koh (From 2019)

Nicholas Carmichael (From 2019)

Former Coaches

Paula Greenall (2017-2020)

Kellie Griffiths (2011-2019) – Former Head Coach

Kellie joined Aqualicious in 2004, winning the “Best New Talent” award that year. She joined the coaching team in 2011 under Lawrie Fabian before stepping up to the role of Head Coach in 2013.  She’s made enormous contributions to our club over the years with coaching, volunteering, and swimming.

She always managed to sneak in extra 100s without you noticing, and then ask you to swim faster. And you would. At the same time she bent over backwards to help you improve, to motivate you to be a better swimmer, and to bring you into the Aqualicious family.

While we’re going to miss her from pool deck, we’re excited to see her returning to the pool.

Nathan Brett (2014-2019)

If your idea of swim squad is sitting poolside with any type of cocktail that has an umbrella in it, you have something in common with Nathan. He manages to sneak in exercise when no one is paying attention, but he won’t give you the same luxury. He’ll make you work it! But he does it with style and fun, and somehow it doesn’t feel like you’re working at all. Until the day after…

Trudee Stafford (2008-2016)

Trudee StaffordTrudee coached Aqualicious from 2008 to 2016, and over that time she became an integral part of the Aqualicious family. She began swimming at the age of 8 and until she was 23 she swam under the direction of Coach Ken Wood at Redcliffe. More recently she has swum with Michael Bohl at St Peters Western.

She has competed in two Australian World Cup pool teams and has been a member of the Australian Open Water team from 1999 until 2007. Trudee was part of the gold medal winning team in the 25km team event at the 2005 World Open Water Swimming Championships in Montreal, Canada and placed 5th in the 10km individual event at the 2006 and 2005 World Open Water Swimming Championships.

Trudee was named as Australian Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year in 2003 & 2005 as well as the Australian All Star Team in 2006. She is now working fulltime at Swimming Queensland and is a member of the Metropolitan Caloundra Surf Life Saving Club.

Cedric Munch (2014-2015)

Along with coaching Aqualicious, Cedric coached at Brisbane Girls Grammar, and has previously worked in Europe with swimmers who went on to compete in the Paralympic Games. He had a high level of technical coaching skills, and we were very sorry to see him move away from Brisbane.

Nicole Kopp (2013 – 2015)

Nicole joined Aqualicious in 2013 as a coach, and brought with her great passion and team spirit. She worked us hard in the pool, making us hope she would lose her voice so she couldn’t add more pyramids or 200s to the set. The harder she worked us, the more we thanked her, and looked forward to her next session.

Jodie Ringrose (2012 – 2014)

Jodie was the president of Aqualicious in 2013, and brought her teaching background poolside. There was be no acting out or slacking off, but there was fabulousness and team spirit! When Jodie was coaching you had the feeling that most sessions would end up like a dance routine in an episode of Fame.

Anthony West (2013 – 2014)

Most people saw Anthony’s soft-spoken side – until he was poolside coaching. He ran his sessions with military precision. You’d work hard and do plenty of drills, receiving well-considered advice on stroke correction. Anthony cracked the odd joke now and then (which were probably all very sharp and witty) but most people completely missed them..

Lawrie Fabian (2005 – 2013) – Former Head Coach

Lawrie FabianLawrie Fabian was the Aqualicious head coach from 2005 until 2013, and his coaching and mentorship helped Aqualicious grow into the established Masters swimming club it is today. He was the recipient of the 2007 AUSSI Masters Qld Coach of the Year, and again in 2008.

Lawrie was founding president and coach of Melbourne’s Glamourhead Sharks Aquatic Club, the first gay and lesbian swim team in Victoria. He has coached swimmers and triathletes to personal bests at World Masters Games, The Gay Games, and has had one of his triathletes selected to compete for Australia at the World Triathlon Championships in Mexico City in 2002.

He has been competing in Masters swim meets since 1991 and has completed 20 Olympic distance triathlons since 1988. In 2007, Lawrie successfully coached Team Aqualicious to the Club Champions Trophy in the Queensland State Short Course Championships in Noosa, and again in 2010 in Cairns. Under him the club won the State Long Course Championships in 2012 in Hervey Bay.

Steve Stubbs (2004-2005)

Rick Arnold (2003-2004)