Aqualicious Returns to Training!

Aqualicious Returns to Training!

Aqualicious squads will be starting on Tuesday 16th June at our normal time of 6:45 pm.
Our session times will remain unchanged You can check them here

In order to swim there’s a lot of things we have to do, and here’s what you’ll need to do to join us. It’s absolutely vital that we all do our part to keep swimming open and safe.

  • 20 swimmers max per session. Session spaces will be allocated on a “First in gets wet” basis. We don’t anticipate needing to turn anyone away during the winter months, but we’ll review regularly.
  • That said, don’t be more than 15 minutes early – one of the requirements is that people are only there to do their swimming/fitness routine. (But also, don’t be late!)
  • The pool will be taking contact details for contact tracing purposes when you arrive.
  • Arrive, Swim, Leave. Changerooms and showers will not be open. You’ll need to arrive in your togs, and you’ll need to leave in them.
  • Maintain your 1.5m distance – in the water and out. Don’t touch each other. We don’t know where you’ve been.
  • Water fountains won’t be operating so make sure your water bottle is full before you arrive. Also, don’t share your water bottle. Putting a name on it (preferably yours) will help prevent accidents.
  • No shared equipment – bring your own kickboard, pull buoy, and fins. Coaches will be aiming to construct sets with minimal equipment requirements.
  • We’ll be experimenting with where your equipment and water bottles are kept during the session – we can’t have everyone bunched up at the wall.
  • We’ll be trialling alternating start points between the deep and shallow ends of the pool based on lane number.
  • The swim wall may be up to aid with social distancing – we’re continuing to work through this question with venue management – if it’s up, that’s an excellent chance to practice your turns!
  • If you’re sick, stay home. If you have potential COVID-19 symptoms, call either 13 HEALTH or the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080. If you have symptoms the pool will turn you away.
  • Consider whether you’re in a COVID-19 vulnerable group – if you are, we urge you to carefully weigh the risks and benefits of swimming with the squad, and consider whether other exercise or swimming on your own during a lower-patronage time might help meet your needs.
  • In the event you are confirmed with COVID-19, it is a requirement that you advise the club’s COVID-19 Liaison Officer, Michael Lee, immediately, so that the club can discharge our reporting obligations to MSQ, and our swimmers. (While maintaining your confidentiality)
  • Finally: The Return to Play guidelines require that organisations encourage participants to sign up to the COVIDSafe App and that participants should sign up to the COVIDSafe App. As a result, Aqualicious encourages you to download the COVIDSafe App.  We remind you that downloading and registering the app is entirely at your discretion and it is illegal to compel or require installation to participate in activities or to access venues. Coaches will not be checking or requiring that you have the app installed or running in order to participate in our sessions.

We’re all really new to this way of working. There will be some experimentation and some trial and error,  and the Management Committee, the Coaches, and I all appreciate your patience and will gratefully receive any feedback you might have.

Can’t wait to see you poolside!
Dylan Carmichael
President & Head Coach